Skater Falls Face First


Pamela Skate Park, Duarte, California – June 19,2012.
This video is of Chris F., 16 years old from El Monte, CA at Pamela Skate Park in Duarte, California on June 19,2012. I (Troy H.) was filming Chris doing his line, he went for the rail, pointed at it and went for a 50-50 from the top. He leaned too far forward and completely destroyed himself. He tried to catch his balance on the rail with his foot and it slipped and he ended up smashing his hip right into the rail and his face banging the ground. He stayed on the ground for quite a while and eventually got up. There was no serious injuries other than a bruise, cut on his face and an opening in his hip. He didn’t skate the rest of the day. He skated the next day however. The skateboarding clips in all of these videos are before his fall. The rest are after.